Digital Print Version is the same as the PRINTED BOOK without the black backed pages. For traditional colorist who like fading and blending the edges.

Digital Border Version is the same as the PRINTED BOOK but has a thin micro border to aid with coloring apps runaway and helps with containment.

Not all books have both options. Some are not needed.




Steampunk Junkie Overload!

*Studly Steampunk * Fashion & Family Steampunk *Pets & Gadgets As Well! Futuristic Robot Punk!

Addicted To Steampunk? Bored with the same visions? Not here! EVER!

Watch the Video to see what is inside! 

Makes The Perfect Gift! Grab an Extra Copy!

Ever feel like you’ve been born in the wrong era? Do you enjoy fantasy and science-fiction more than everyday life? Now you can join thousands of people who enjoy the reality of pseudo-reality with all the sights, wonders, and fun of steampunk. Born out of nouveau art and historical re-imaginings, steampunk brings the future back into the past and has inspired its own world of art, technology, fashion, and more! Now the Nathaniel Wake Coloring Book Line brings the elements of steampunk into your own home. With 50 beautifully detailed, hand-drawn designs, these unique images depict anything and everything steampunk from its colorful characters, gadgets, technologies, and animals. Now you too can create a world of your own with Steampunk Life!

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Digital Border Edition, Digital Print Edition


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