Digital Print Version is the same as the PRINTED BOOK without the black backed pages. For traditional colorist who like fading and blending the edges.

This book has a sister version with ornamental hand drawn frames for coloring app color containment. 

We are working on a micro border version for this.



Mythological Life – Legendary Creatures Of Lore 

  • Minotaurs
  • Chupacabra
  • Vampires
  • Pegasus
  • Kraken
  • Gargoyles & More!
35 Mythological Legendary Illustrations + 5 Bonus Images!

One Original Illustration Per page

You can watch the video to see what’s inside here! 

Makes The Perfect Gift! Grab an Extra Copy!

Fantasy lovers unite! For it is time to find out who is the master of their own realm. Can you spar with a Satyr? Do you have what it takes to best Bigfoot? Are you crafty enough to outsmart a leprechaun? Well now you can immerse yourself in the stories of old with this all-new, richly-designed installment of Mythological Life, the ultimate adult coloring book for fantasy fanatics everywhere! With 35 beautiful glossy, high-resolution images, you have hours of entertainment right here at your fingertips. High-powered fun for the hero in all of us. For now you create, design, and color your world however you please. With an anthology of mythical beasts, heroes, and more, you can explore the fantasy world at your own pace. All of your favorite monsters and myths are alive in stunning detail, waiting for you to color their world!

So strap in for an adventure and grab your copy today!

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Digital Border Edition, Digital Print Edition


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