Digital Print Version is the same as the PRINTED BOOK without the black backed pages. For traditional colorist who like fading and blending the edges.

Digital Border Version is the same as the PRINTED BOOK but has a thin micro border to aid with coloring apps runaway and helps with containment.

Not all books have both options. Some are not needed.




  • 35 INCREDIBLE Dragon Life Illustrations 
  •  Dragons
  •  Water Dragons
  • Dragon Battles
  • Dragon Masters

One Original Illustration Per page

You can watch the video to see what’s inside!

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Soar through the skies of a world steeped in fantasy. Take flight on the wings of the world’s most mystical and glorious creatures. Fight, battle, discover, explore, and bring to life the world of dragons! In Dragon Life, your favorite mythical beasts are ready for their close up. Brought to life in stunning designs, this break-out hit by Nathaniel Wake in his adult coloring book series is a must-have for avid colorists and fantasy-fans alike. Now dragons don’t just live in unreachable realms or in your head– here they soar, fight, stun, and amaze right at your fingertips! With 35 new, unique images, Dragon Life lets you bring to life your dream dragons and explore their world like a true dragon master.

Grab your copy today! And start coloring your own fantasy adventure. 

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Digital Border Edition, Digital Print Edition