Adult Coloring Book: Mandala Mania: 50 Original Stress Reducing Designs (Volume 1)


50 Original Full Page Mandala Designs – Never Seen Before!

Free your mind and unwind with the mesmerizing, absorbing patterns of mandalas. A complex and beautiful design, mandalas are a geometric figure that is often associated with Hindu and Buddhist symbolism and imagery in relation to the universe. Utilizing repetitive patterns and circular motions, mandalas are beautiful images that, when applied to the realm of art, are actually very relaxing and calming. With Adult Coloring Book’s latest project, Stress Reducing Mandalas, you can now explore the mesmerizing world of tantric symbolism and color with over 50 original designs. Amazingly detailed and uniquely beautiful, Stress Reducing Mandalas is the best adult coloring book to help you relax after a long day and create a calming headspace. Adult Coloring Books include 100% original designs with absolutely no reprints. Inject peace back into your life and grab your copy of Stress Reducing Mandalas today!