About Author

Hi. I’m Nathaniel Wake, prolific writer, author, nature enthusiast, and lover of life. On this site, I share my many works, novels, natural alternatives and reflections on my many passions. This page offers you a crash course on what to expect when passion and a penchant for nature combine to influence writing and life.

My entire life I have been fascinated by the world around me. When I breathe in a crisp mountain breeze, I am transported to a different time and place. For me, the Old West, with its endless sparkling skyways and picturesque prairies, invoke a thrill of adventure and wonder that has carried me off into countless daydreams. This same fascination has also led me to the art of natural living; thus encouraging not only my imagination, but also my health and wellbeing.

The natural world is inspiring and electric, and it is my firm belief that love and passion comes from this same source. Combining these two vibrant and dynamic worlds into one cohesive, fluid genre has become my life’s work, and through my writing I hope to share that same passion with you.

If you have an eagerness for healthy living and natural remedies; or if these images of nature’s beauty stirs a romantic nostalgia, than this is the place for you.