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- Nathaniel Wake

Welcome to the world of Nathaniel Wake Publishing, where creativity, passion, and imagination reign. Here the fields of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness meld with the healing properties of color, design, and creative thinking. Art therapy is proven way to help reduce stress, expand the mind, and provide meaningful entertainment and creative expression. With an extensive digital and print library, our line of adult coloring books crosses genres, themes, and all types of landscapes to provide you with the perfect medium for every unique creative outlet. Here you will find links to both our digital library where you can download a range of easy-to-print designs created specifically for adults as well as our vast print library located on Amazon, with dozens of titles that can be delivered right to your door. Now there are even more ways to enjoy the beauty of art right from your own home. Here at Nathaniel Wake Publishing we know how hard you work and we want to make sure your free time is spent finding meaningful enjoyment and all the relaxation tools you deserve. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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